Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet dreams

Last night we hit a major milestone--Leo slept through the night, 10 hours total! Now that he's 12 weeks old (wow!), we decided it was time to start phasing out the 3 AM feeding. Three nights later, it paid off. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to go to sleep and have my alarm clock be the first thing to wake me. I had to get up to make sure I could hear him breathing. Once I was satisfied that he was okay, I did a little happy dance right there beside the bed. :o)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy October!

Its been a busy month for the Napolitanos!

I went back to work on October 7th, which has been exciting and a little bit overwhelming. Mike's at home with Leo now for the rest of his family leave and is doing a great job as "Mr. Mom". I come home at lunch time to feed Leo, so I never go more than a few hours without seeing my two favorite fellas. That makes it a lot easier to enjoy being at work.

Earlier this month, Mike's folks (Mike Sr. and Sandy) drove in from Florida to meet Leo. It was wonderful to see them and they had a good time hanging out with our little guy. They brought Leo some great clothes and blankets from his Aunt Carol and Uncle Andy and then had a ball buying some more clothes for Leo while they were here. Leo is a clothes horse, which is a good thing because he seems to be getting bigger by the day and has outgrown many of his 0-3 month clothes.

Last week, we all took a trip. Mike went to Las Vegas to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his move to San Fransisco from New York. He had a fantastic time hanging out with the three buddies (Ian, Clark, and Austin) who made the original journey as well as his other good friends from Utah, New York, and California.

Leo and I went with my Mom to Chicago to celebrate Great Grandma Gert's (GGG) 93rd birthday. Leo is named after GGG's late husband, Leo Schiavone, so it was very special to see them together. Leo also got to hang out with his cousins Kate and Rachel and his Aunt Christina, and met the rest of our Chicago gang (Uncle Dave, Aunt Marianne, and my cousins Mark, Sarah, and Paul). We had a wonderful weekend and the capper was a great birthday party for GGG. Leo traveled like a champ (although I probably would have had a nervous breakdown if Mom wasn't there to help!) and had many admirers in the airports. We are not the only ones who think he's pretty dang cute!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leo week 8 photos

Here is the latest batch of photos, complete with Leo's best smile on film yet!