Friday, April 24, 2009

New stuff

It seems like Leo's acquiring new skills and fascinations by the week. Here's a rundown of the latest:
  • Favorite new "toys" are his exersaucer (a circular baby seat with toys attached), his Laugh and Learn Puppy (see picture), and baby wipe packages (which make a "crunchy" noise and have a baby's picture on them, which is doubly awesome in his book).
  • Learned how to turn the pages of books while I'm reading to him, and usually waits until I say "turn the page" to do so.
  • Has mastered putting his binky into his mouth by himself. Has also started sucking his thumb when a binky isn't available.
  • Moved into his room and loves his new crib. He somehow manages to work his way across every inch of it during the night.
  • Mastered the "army crawl". He acquires a target (like a baby wipes package, or one of the cats) and scoots his way to it in record time.
  • Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, sometimes scooting both knees forward. Might not be long until he figures out how to crawl.
  • Can sit up unassisted for a few minutes at at time.
  • Now that its spring, we re-introduced Leo to the outdoors. He loves playing in the grass.
On the health front:
  • Weight at the doctor's office this week was 17 lbs 5.5 oz.
  • Leo is getting his first tooth: the front left lower central incisor.
  • Had an abscess on the back of his head that lasted for a couple of weeks. It was quite a medical mystery to the doctors, and we ended up going to the pediatrician's office several times, but it resolved itself this week and he's back to normal.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At the Children's Museum

We had a wonderful time over the Easter weekend with my sister Christina and our niece Rachel. One of the highlights was this visit to the Discovery Gateway, Salt Lake's children's museum.

Leo's "tricks"

This video from when Leo was 6 months old contains many of his "tricks":
  • Happy hands: when Leo is happy or excited, he turns his wrists in circles
  • "Stevie Wonder": Leo's soothing/happy movement is to move his head in a figure-eight pattern (hence the name)
  • Glasses grab: Leo loves to grab Daddy's glasses.