Saturday, June 20, 2009

Leo 10-month pics

Recent photos of all three Napolitanos.

Growing fast!

Leo's growing so fast now that its hard to keep up. His latest accomplishments include:

  • Last checkup earlier this month revealed that Leo is 29.75 inches long (89th percentile), 18 lbs 10 oz (12th percentile, but healthy), and has a head circumference of 45.5 inches (50th percentile). Other than his eczema, which we usually manage to keep under control, he's a perfectly healthy baby. The doctor noted that his skin was a bit yellow, but determined that it was due to Leo's love of sweet potatoes and squash and nothing to be worried about.
  • Is still "army crawling", but has started to pull himself up to a kneeling and standing position (which is more like downward-dog pose in yoga). We're in for it now!
  • Starting to feed himself some finger foods, but doesn't show a lot of enthusiasm for it yet.
  • Loves to play peek a boo and patty cake, but doesn't really seem to "get" the So Big game. He doesn't clap either, although he loves it when we clap for him.
  • Has learned how to hug--he throws his arms around my neck, squeezes, and I turn to mush. He also "kisses" occasionally, although its more like he's just putting his partially-open mouth against my cheek.
  • Chatters a lot, and uses some syllables and sounds repeatedly, but no discernable words are coming yet. He seems to use "da" interchangeably for both Mike and me. He also clicks, raspberries, and makes other "mouth noises" often.
  • Has both center bottom teeth, and we're expecting more soon since he appears to be teething like crazy right now.
  • Although we generally don't let Leo watch TV, he loves the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb (which is hysterically funny for grownups too).
  • Loves to be outside, especially when we go to the park to feed the ducks (and ducklings!).
  • Loves books and being read to. Pat the Bunny is a new favorite, but Goodnight Moon is still the best.

Who needs toys?

Leo is proving the old adage that kids can turn any regular thing into a toy. Here's a list of some of his fun, favorite non-toy things:

  • Baby wipes packages: they crinkle and have a baby's picture on them
  • Wooden spoon: fun to gnaw and bang on things
  • "Jingle ball" cat toy: Leo stole it from the cats and won't give it up
  • Any strap, cord, or string: the drawstring on Daddy's pajama bottoms is a favorite.
  • Anything round (buttons, screws, etc.)
  • Our cats: Leo adores the cats and has a special squeal he uses when he spots them. He enjoys chasing, tackling, and giving "loves" by rubbing his face in their fur.
  • "Squishy" pillows (see pic at right): Leo tackles them and uses them as a "roller" under his belly to move faster when he crawls. I think they're also cat-capturing practice.
  • Any tiny object on the floor: There's no problem with Leo's eyesight--he can spot minuscule items on the floor from yards away and usually hustles himself over to whatever catches his eye.
  • Cardboard boxes: I got something in a Priority Mail box the other day and Leo immediately commandeered it.
  • Magazines: Leo loves to turn the pages--and eat them.