Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Leo's latest checkup

Leo had his 12-month well child checkup yesterday. He is now
  • 30.75 inches long (75th percentile)
  • 19 lbs 3 oz (5th percentile).
  • His head is 18.1 inches (25th percentile).
The doctor said that Leo's weight has slightly slipped off of the "curve" to maintain for optimal health. However, Mike was a skinny kid and so were both of our Dads, so it may be genetic. We were instructed to keep doing what we are doing: let him eat pretty much everything (except nuts, peanuts, and any seafood until age 2--due to my shellfish allergy) and lots of it.
Other than a little fluid in his ears that we'll need to watch, he is otherwise perfectly normal in health and development. The doctor noted his good-natured acceptance of her examination and he recovered very quickly from his three immunizations with the help of a graham cracker and a snuggle from Mom.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three new posts today!

I uploaded three posts with pictures today--scroll down to see them all!

Leo in the morning

Mike caught these pics of Leo about a month ago.

Chicago, my kind of town!

Earlier this month, Leo and I traveled with my Mom to Chicago for a visit. We had a lot of fun hanging out with our family: Great Grandma Gert (aka Triple G); Uncle Dave and Aunt Marianne Schiavone; Brett, cousin Sarah, and Kate Hampson; cousin Mark Schiavone; and cousin Paul Schiavone and his girlfriend Katie. We stayed in a guest apartment at Triple G's retirement community, which was wonderful and gave us plenty of room and a kitchen. Highlights included a visit to a wonderful family-run Italian restaurant, a fun street party, and an Italian beef dinner at Dave and Marianne's. Leo was a very good traveller and tried lots of new foods including rigatoni, sausage, and Italian beef.

Out and about (Leo ages 9-12 months)

These are a bunch of pics that we took on my cell phone that I thought I should put together.

The first three pics were taken in Home Depot when Leo was about 9 months old. He grabbed that piece of pipe and we ended up taking it home with us. Who needs toys when there are 35-cent pieces of pipe to be had instead?

The next shots were taken in mid-July in the Blue Plate Diner. We were there with my parents and Uncle Gerry. We were pretty cramped in a booth, so Leo had plenty of chances to try to grab Gerry's roll. Gerry finally just gave the roll to Leo, who promptly started to chow down on it even though it was nearly as big as his head!

We encountered an unusually pretty pigeon in the duck park about a month ago and had to take her photo.

Finally, the last set of pics were from today. We had an hour to kill before the photo studio opened to get Leo's 12-month portraits taken, so we went to lunch at Dee's (a local diner). We had fun and Leo charmed all of the waitresses.