Friday, September 18, 2009

Walking (almost) and talking (nearly)

Leo has developed so much in just the last couple of weeks. Here's a summary of what he's been up to.

  • Walking: Leo "walks" very well when he's holding onto a push toy or somone's hands. He's still not sure about pushing away from support and standing/walking on his own.
  • Talking: Leo's started to mimic sounds and has a few new words in his repertoire. Just yesterday he said "book" very clearly while pointing to one. I forgot to get my keys out before loading up with baby, bag, etc. and said out loud at the door, "Mommy was dumb and forgot her keys." Leo looked right at me and said, "Dumb, ma ma." :o)
  • Eating: Leo's developed some interesting new food "likes" (like chai) and some usual ones (hot dogs).
  • Dressing: Leo helps me when I dress him by putting up his hands, feet, etc. He also attempts to brush his hair.

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